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5000 Pathfinders chosen to serve at union camporee in Papua New Guinea


Pathfinders encouraged to embrace the Bible and are reminded they are sons and daughters of the King of Kings.

January 25, 2018

Jacqueline Wari

5000 Pathfinders chosen to serve at union camporee in Papua New Guinea

Pathfinders from the Madang Manus Mission taking part in the marching drills. [Photo courtesy of Adventist News Online]

More than 5000 Pathfinders attended a week-long camporee in Central Province, Papua New Guinea, from January 7-13. 

The Pathfinders, from the nine local missions and one conference in the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM), camped at Bautama. 

Organized by the PNGUM and hosted by the Central Papua Conference, the camporee’s theme was “Chosen to Serve”. 

During the opening ceremony, Tubusereia villagers welcomed the guests with a drama about the arrival of the first missionaries to Papua while the Pathfinders took part in a parade, unfurled flags and received the camporee flag, which was flown in on a helicopter to the campsite. 

Philippines Ambassador Pastor Bienvenido Tejano encouraged the Pathfinders to honor their uniforms and the Bible. 

“I implore you to continue to honor the uniforms you are wearing. I implore you to embrace the Bible as we are living in a spiritual warfare,” Tejano said.

South Pacific Division youth director Nick Kross told the Pathfinders they were beautiful sons and daughters of the King of Kings. 

“It is no mistake that you are here today. You will be strengthened as you spend this time at the camporee,” he said.

In welcoming the Pathfinders, PNGUM youth director Pastor Lonol Winnie said, “Pathfinders you have been chosen to serve like the Little Maid, David, Samson, Esther and Joseph. At this camporee make friends and have fun, but remember you have been chosen to serve.”

Meanwhile, camporee guest speaker, Pastor Jose Rojas, inspired the young people each night with his lively sermons on Bible characters under which the Pathfinders were grouped for their activities. 

Each night, Pathfinders responded to altar calls by making commitments to serve God.

Character building activities held during the day included obstacles, lashing and frisbee. More than 880 Pathfinders took part in honours classes on community service and Christian grooming.

Pathfinders from the Western Highlands Mission walked away with the shield after scoring the highest points in the marching drill. 

The camporee ended with the baptism of 80 Pathfinders after the divine service, singing, speeches, gift presentation and fireworks in the evening.

The next camporee will be held in Morobe Province in 2023.

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