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A call for Tentmakers


Jun 14, 2017
Beirut, Lebanon

A call for Tentmakers

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Hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East North Africa region do not know that eternal life and salvation is in Jesus Christ.  And there are very few Seventh-day Adventists-about 3500 out of 500 million people-that live in this region.  This is an amazing opportunity for Seventh-day Adventists to move to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, learn the language and the culture, and spread the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.  And this is not just an opportunity-it is a call from God. 

Several months ago, my husband and I were convicted God was calling us to live and work in the MENA region.  Specifically, we were convicted we needed to live in a place where there are little to no Seventh-day Adventists, for God said that His everlasting gospel must go to the ends of the earth.

My husband, who is a high school teacher, decided the best way for us to be able to support ourselves living in MENA was for him to get a job at an international school that caters to local students.  As a result, he applied to heaps of schools.  The only schools that replied to his application were in one country.  We then packed our bags and visited the schools in this country, and my husband was offered two jobs.  It was that easy.  We fasted and prayed, and God clearly showed us which school’s offer my husband should accept. 

Then began the real leap of faith-moving to a country with only 6 fellow Adventist workers and only a handful of native believers.  We truly felt like we were moving to the ends of the earth.  But God is all-powerful and has provided everything that we need in miraculous ways and in His perfect timing!  We needed to find a language teacher, and He provided a wonderful teacher with whom I have been able to share many Biblical truths.  We needed to find a place to live, and He provided two house-sitting options until we were able to find a house in the country.  We needed to find a car to buy, and He provided a car that we could actually afford.  We needed wisdom and humility to learn the local language, and He is giving it to us. 

But what we now need is fellow Seventh-day Adventist to find jobs just like my husband did and come work with us!  We need doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, radiology technologists, artists, musicians, basically every profession you can think of, to join us in spreading the everlasting gospel across the MENA region.  We will help you get settled in MENA and we will even help you find a job, though ultimately it is up to you and God to work out.  Please prayerfully consider this.  The everlasting gospel truly must go to the ends of the earth, and if God calls you to move to MENA (and I know that God is calling a LOT of you because there are a lot of people who need to hear about Jesus Christ), He will provide for you and take care of you just like he has done for my husband and I.  Please come.  Many people are waiting to hear about Jesus Christ.  God wants to use you.  

This is a testimony from a tentmaker in the Middle East North Africa Region. The name of tentmakers in this region cannot be disclosed. 


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