A Journey to Parity: NAD Responds to the Annual Council Voted Action on Tithe-Sharing


A Journey to Parity: NAD Responds to the Annual Council Voted Action on Tithe-Sharing

Randy Robinson, treasurer of the North American Division, listens to Juan Prestol-Puesán, treasurer of the General Conference, give comments regarding the history of tithe sharing between the division and the GC. Photo: Pieter Damsteegt/NAD Communication

A significant portion of the the 2019 Year-End Meeting Sunday afternoon business session on Nov. 3 was focused the General Conference’s (GC) response to financial parity request from the executive committee of the North American Division. The agenda item was a follow-up from a motion presented in 2018.

During the 2018 NAD Year-End Meeting, many delegates expressed concerns about the increasing financial challenges conferences and congregations face while trying to reach their communities. The concerns launched a discussion about tithe percentages that are sent from the North American Division to the General Conference in comparison to other divisions —NAD currently gives 6.1 percent, and will begin paying 5.85 percent in January 2020, whereas the other 12 divisions give two percent. Further, members of the executive committee emphasized the desire to not inflict financial harm on the world church but hoped for the General Conference to find more equitable ways to assist the advancement of the division’s mission.

A motion was passed on Nov. 5, 2018, to have the leaders of the NAD meet with leaders of the GC to discuss the issue of financial parity, with parity to be accomplished in two to three years.

From there, NAD administration sent the proposal to GC leadership, which convened a meeting with leaders of all of the Church’s divisions on January 29. The leaders drafted a general, unofficial proposal a week later showing support for the request, but asked for it to be done over a period of five years rather than two or three years. The details were then added to the proposal during additional meetings of Church leadership, including the 2019 Spring Council of the GC executive committee, which took place in April.


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