A new sporting look for Newbold’s 23rd Annual General Meeting

A new sporting look for Newbold’s 23rd Annual General Meeting

24 May 2019 | Binfield, UK [Angeline Tyrokomos]  

Sombrely dressed men and women headed towards a sports hall? That is not the traditional picture of the Newbold Annual General Meeting – a review of academic and financial progress over the past twelve months. Yet on Sunday, 19 May, that is exactly what happened. With the exciting refurbishment progress on the Sports Hall Auditorium, members of the AGM were excited to see the transformation of what used to simply be called ‘the gym’.

Newbold AGM8There is something beautiful about a room full of like-minded people with a heart for education and their eyes on Christ. And as they enjoyed lunch together that passion for education was clear as Newbold colleagues and Board members from countries across the Trans-European Division (TED) chatted together, admired the refurbishments including a new, soft floor along with improved acoustics, ventilation system and audio-visuals, before listening to a report of the College’s undertakings for the 2018-2019 academic year, followed by proposals for future directions.

The business meeting began with a hearty welcome from Pastor Raafat Kamal, TED President and Chair of Newbold’s Board of Governors. Changes to staffing in the Department of Theological Studies (DTS) were discussed and finalised following the announcement that the current Head of Department, Dr Bjørn Ottesen, has been appointed Ministerial Director of the Danish Union.

Newbold AGM9Newbold Principal, Dr John Baildam, reported that the College and Board are continuing to explore ways in which the campus might be utilised more extensively as they endeavour to provide a fit-for-purpose conferencing and hospitality facility. The refurbishment of the Sports Hall-Auditorium is part of that project, while negotiations are equally well in hand for the refurbishment of the ground floor of Moor Close.

It was proudly announced that Newbold Governor, Judy Clements, OBE, has accepted the invitation to be the guest speaker at the College’s next Awards Ceremony which will take place on Sunday 14 July 2019.

Newbold AGM10Abigail Wright, Chief Financial Officer of the College, reported on the audited Annual Financial Statements noting that the college was living within its budget. Business done, Pastor Kamal concluded the meeting with a prayer of thanks.

It was obvious that much has been accomplished since the last AGM in May 2018, and that the College has a clear list of priorities for its direction over the months and years ahead.

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