A Wedding Proposal at this Year’s NEC Spring Ski Trip

A Wedding Proposal at this Year's NEC Spring Ski Trip

17th May 2019


20 young people from the North England Conference (NEC) made the journey down to sunny southern France for a spring ski trip from 19-28 April. Spending the first Sabbath in the shadow of the Saleve at Collonges Adventist College overlooking the city of Geneva was a welcome retreat from the long drive down on Friday. As it was Easter weekend, those who didn’t go straight to bed enjoyed a communion service at the college church. On Sabbath morning we had the main service translated for us by one of the faculty members enabling us to enjoy the service. On Sabbath evening we made our way to Tignes via the scenic road past Lake Annecy and settled into our accommodation.

From Sunday through to Friday we enjoyed our time in the mountains doing a variety of activities. For some of us it was the first 85177time skiing or snowboarding, whilst for others who were experienced they were still trying to master the sport. Everyone had to learn the lessons of discipline, determination, hard work and persistence. Learning a new skill doesn’t come easy but the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day is priceless.

In the evening we had a shared meal together with a cooking rota from those on the trip to ensure that everyone contributed to the cooking and/or cleaning. Following our evening meal we would have worship together. In addition to the snowbound activities many enjoyed the opportunity to taste the French cuisine such as the crepes and also relax in the spa at the end of a hard day on 85178the slopes.

One of the surprises and highlights of the trip this year was a marriage proposal that took place on the Monday! Eddie had met Joanna file4165wlast year for the first time on the NEC Ski Trip. Sometime later, back in England they got together and as they had met on the ski trip, Eddie thought that it would be the perfect thing to propose on the ski trip this year. Joanna’s family were all there to enjoy the occasion as well!


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