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ADRA International Commits $150,000 to Support ACS Food Pantries


ADRA International Commits $150,000 to Support ACS Food Pantries

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ADRA International has committed $150,000 to support Adventist Community Services (ACS) food pantries in the U.S. to respond to the COVID-19 food relief efforts. “We are grateful for ADRA’s commitment to serve and to partner with ACS for this great endeavor,” said Sung Kwon, ACS director.

Since resources are limited and not able to support all conferences in the NAD, we will have a competitive application process to assist additional financial support.

Local conferences in the US may apply for one-time assistance of $1,000 per ACS Food Pantry Ministry, and up to $10,000/10 ACS food pantries. It is not obligatory for you to submit 10; please feel free to submit any quantity less than ten applications.

The application deadline is May 26, 2020, and will be evaluated based on need, the number of persons served, impact in your territories, etc. Approved application recipients will be notified by June 2, 2020.

As indicated, all applications will be carefully review and be prioritized based on your current ACS engagements and much-needed situations. Therefore, please do not assume it is the same process as one that we processed for the $1.5 million COVID-19 Food Relief Fund.

In addition to $150,000 financial support, ADRA is also exploring possible prospects to curating PPE and food supplies through ADRA’s partnership networks; we are thankful for their consideration and willingness to partner with ACS.

 Please submit your application by clicking the below link, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Wynelle Stevens at wynellestevens@nadadventist.org.


As a reminder, this is not the end of our pandemic. It will remain with us, and this fight will continue for a long time to come, but it may very well be the end of the beginning of this fight. I encourage you all to take precautions to protect yourselves and your family members now and after we begin to lift restrictions.

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