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Adventist animated series explains beliefs :Adventist News Online

Adventist animated series explains beliefs

Jun 04, 2020  |  Brasilia, Brazil  | 

Adventist animated series explains beliefs

What happens after death? Is the Bible Sabbath still to be observed? Will Christ really come again? These are just some of the questions asked by those who may know little about the Bible or still has many doubts about its message. 

And what does the Bible say regarding these matters? Those and other questions are answered with the new, animated Principles series, which will air twelve episodes.

The South American Adventist headquarters communications advisory produced the series. The objective is to present the main doctrines of the Adventist Church, in addition to contemporary themes, from the biblical perspective, using modern language. All the videos were prepared in an animated format.

“The project was born out of the need to offer visually different material for our children, but which at the same time was attractive and short-lived, which has more opportunities to be seen in a context in which people are increasingly in a hurry,” said Felipe Lemos, director of the South American Adventist headquarters communications department.

According to Lemos, it’s also a way to awaken the interest of children and adolescents, since it is a resource that draws the attention of those two audiences. In addition to focusing on the doctrines of the denomination, the series deals with contemporary issues, such as abortion and biblical guides on modest dress.

“They are answers that we find in the biblical text, but that many times people do not know,” Lemos said. It’s hoped viewers will share the content so more people know not only how current the biblical doctrines are, but also that these are understood.

The first episode is now available (see the video below). New episodes will air on Thursdays on the official Adventist Church pages at Facebook and YouTube . For more details, visit:  Adventists.org/en/principles


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site



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