Adventist Center of Influence opens in Battambang

Adventist Center of Influence opens in Battambang

The new center will provide health education, a language school and more for the surrounding communities.

February 04, 2019
/ Battambang, Cambodia
/ SSD Communication Department

Adventist Center of Influence opens in Battambang

[Photo courtesy of the Southern-Asia Pacific Division]

On January 22, 2019, the Adventist church in Cambodia celebrated the inauguration of its very first center of influence in this major city of Battambang.

The Battambang Essential Life Center officially opened its doors to the community after its inauguration and a prayer dedication led by Saw Samuel, president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD).  Present during the successful event were other officials of SSD.  Leaders of the Adventist Church in Southeast Asia (SAUM) lead by Somchai Chuenjit, were also present.

During the inauguration, international service employees who will continue the ministry in Cambodia and in the new center of influence were also dedicated.

The Adventist church in Cambodia (Cambodia Adventist Mission) through its workers and church members expressed their excitement as they witnessed their dream finally become a reality after years of planning and construction.  

“We praise the Lord that the Battambang USI (Urban Center of Influence) building is now complete.  We are very excited that this beautiful building will definitely attract people in the community to come and visit,” said Lim Pheng, president of the Adventist Church in Cambodia.

“The building is designed to introduce people in the community to a holistic life style. The center is designed with green plants making it environmentally friendly, a gym for exercise, a vegetarian restaurant for healthy diet, a playground for the young, and a chapel for spiritual focus,” Lim Pheng added. “We pray that many people will come to know Jesus through Battambang Essential Life Center.”

Among the services it plans to offer are health education, a language school for young students, and music education for artists who want to learn more about their craft.

Currently, missionary volunteers of the Battambang Essential Life Center are conducting free medical services to the community, and are preparing for a vacation school for young students.

The Adventist church in Southeast Asia also expressed their excitement to finally have this center of influence ready for service this year.

“It’s very important to have this COI in Battambang because there are a lot of opportunities to reach many young people in this vast community,” said Somchai Chuenjit, president of Southeast Union Mission. 

“Also, it’s a great opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ through various activities which the Battambang Essential Life Center can offer,” Chuenjit continued. “We hope that this center will be a great light to the community and will be a place where people from all walks of life find joy to enter and interact.”

The Adventist Church sees a huge potential in centers of influence, like this one in Cambodia, as they give Adventist members across the globe the opportunity to connect to their respective local communities.

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