Adventist Church in Bolivia mobilizes to help those affected by the floods


mar 01 2018
Cochabamba, Chile

Adventist Church in Bolivia mobilizes to help those affected by the floods

Young people of the church collecting food for those affected by the rains [Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

Heavy rains in recent weeks have caused flooding in several areas and municipalities of Bolivia.

For this reason, the government declared a state of emergency, to take the necessary measures and attend to all families affected by floods and landslides. So far a one person was confirmed dead in the Cotagaita area, in the city of Potosí and four in the Tiquipaya area, in the city of Cochabamba.

Among the cities affected by the rains are La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Beni, Chuquisaca, Potosí and Tarija. The Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, Carlos Brú, reported that up to yesterday 86 affected families were reported, meaning those who suffered the loss of their goods and homes and 6,129 families were indirectly affected. 

Faced with this situation, the Adventist Church, reported each church will become a center for the collection of food, clothing, blankets and materials that can be used to help the victims.

In the same way, several young volunteers of the church met to go to the affected areas to help in the distribution of food and non-perishable items. They also went to help with the search for people who are still missing among the rubble and damage caused by mud and the overflowing of rivers. 

Several groups of people organized themselves in the different churches near the affected areas for the collection and distribution of food, and also for the care of the people affected.

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