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14th September 2018

Are you struggling with being single…when you don’t want to be? Waiting for that right person in your life? Seems like an allusion? Praying for God to send you that special one but seems like prayers are not being answered?

Paula Campbell addresses these questions and more in her new book entitled In the Waiting Room. It’s a book about finding hope and inspiration when facing discouragement and a very honest account of a Christian woman’s experience of waiting for a partner in life.

>In a world that celebrates being in a relationship, with a church culture that elevates the value of marriage and family – it can be tough being single.

Those who are not married, but would like to be, often experience emotional pain and loneliness. They often hide that pain, not wanting to reveal their vulnerability to those around them.

In The Waiting Room examines the experience of a single Christian woman waiting to find ‘the one’.

It explores issues such as:  

  • Self-esteem
  • Childlessness
  • Unanswered prayer
  • Disappointment, and
  • How all this affects our faith

This book highlights the struggles that can turn waiting into a frustrating and painful experience. Yet waiting positively and patiently is essential for our character development and can strengthen our faith in God.

With open and honest reflection, personal anecdotes, and the examples of biblical characters who faced and overcame personal challenges in their lives, the author offers hope, inspiration and encouragement for singles.

You can order your copy of this book through the following ways:


Contact Paula directly by email [email protected] to order.“,sans-serif;>

ABC ‒ See ABC sponsor to order through the church.

Amazon ‒ see here.

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