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18th October 2018


The inaugural Welsh Mission Pathfinder drum and percussion workshop was held on Sunday, 30 September 2018. Forty-five eager Pathfinders and Counsellors attended the event that was staged at the Cardiff Central Seventh-day Adventist church. The Pathfinders of the Newport, Cardiff and Ammanford clubs had been anticipating this day for months and there was excitement in the air in the run-up to the event. This has been such an important time for the Welsh Mission, since it is the first time such an investment has been made to develop a Welsh Mission Drum Corps.81789

The training was a collaboration between the North England Conference (NEC), Kings Norton branch drum corps and the Welsh Mission and came out of discussions during 81788networking sessions at the BUC Adventurer Camporee in July 2018. Three highly talented young men (David Mohan, Tevin McLeod and Mickai Greaves) were keen to share their 14 years of drum corps experience in a condensed manner. All participants were guided through achieving a Level 2 Drumming & Percussion Honour too. The day commenced with the theory and rudiments of drums and escalated from the use of practice drum pads through to a grand finale where each trainee had the opportunity to play a real high tension/snare, tenor or bass drum, as well as cymbals ‒ marching in a guided procession. The sound was l81790oud and the air was filled with synchronised melody as all marched in step to the newly learnt drumming sequence.

The Lord surely blessed the proceedings of the day and now we are looking forward to extending our experience supported by our new collaboration with the NEC.[Mike and Jennie McClymont]

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