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11th January 2019

We rejoiced, we knitted, we dug a little deeper- could be a brief summary of how the year 2018 ended in East Kilbride church.

We rejoiced when Brother Terrence (Tawanda) joined the baptismal candidates from Glasgow church, and together with his close family and a few friends we witnessed seven people being baptised on Sabbath 17th November. Our church family has indeed been blessed by Tawanda’s presence. He joined the church choir and also gladly opens his home to host some of our Tuesday meetings. Tawanda’s determination to continue growing in the knowledge and experience of Christ is shown as he spends many Sabbaths in East Kilbride church in the mornings and in Glasgow in the afternoons.Bears

We knitted teddy bears. Our project outline was rather linear: from a desire to do something for our community, to obtaining a pattern for trauma teddy bears, to a lovely Christmas gift basket. In between were hours of knitting, then stitching and stuffing. Finally, the week before Christmas, 21 lovely teddy bears, some biscuits and chocolates were delivered to the dementia patients in Ward 16 of the local Hairmayers Hospital. A sister from Glasgow church, who works on the ward as a nurse, shared that the presence of the teddy bears brighten up the entire Ward over the festive days and brought smiles on the patients faces. That is exactly what the knitting ladies, Doreen, Jean, Margaret and Ivana – hoped to achieve.

GiftWe dug a little deeper into the Epistle to Hebrews on our regular Tuesday meetings. From September to December we reached almost to the end of Chapter 9, wrestling with passages that are not the easiest to understand. On a few occasions, we heard the spontaneous feedback ‘Wow!’ – a great reward for any Bible student. Jean reflected, “Hebrews has made it much clearer what the mindset of the Jews and Gentiles was, which makes other things much easier to understand”. In Peter’s words, “knowing that Jesus is still in control and is there to help us through our troubles is a great comfort to believers”. Pene and Gordon summarised, “Hebrews is a book of wonder, telling us clearly who Jesus is, why He died for us, what He is doing now and what His plan is for us. The gospel in a single book!”


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