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18th January 2019

This year the British Union Conference (BUC) intends to build on its vision for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL). The aim is to promote PARL as an integral facet of the Church in the UK where we can build our understanding of social interaction whilst sharing our faith in an uninhibited manner that demonstrates tolerance through the love of Christ. We are first and foremost ambassadors for Christ. Understanding our communities ensure that we share our love for Christ in a relevant and appropriate manner.

Each year the worldwide Church celebrates PARL day on the 3rd Sabbath of January. As we encourage learning in our churches, we remember that, “The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists exists for one simple reason:

“We work to position the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services to a standing of 9e2511d8-a106-42a7-ae2a-d6346296a4f4credibility, trust, and relevance in the public realm.”

As we celebrate our religious freedom in the UK we need to first, pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who do not share in our religious freedom and also to review the changes that are affecting us here in the UK. Since 2016 the Government has opened consultations including changes to homeschooling, sex education taught in schools and gender recognition reform. An active PARL leader in your church will help to highlight such changes and enable the Church in the UK to have an active voice in matters that affect the Church and its membership pertinent to activities in our daily lives.

Reflecting the international world Church view assists us in addressing our local situation. Being organised will assist the Church in the UK to become more vigilant and build on our understanding and participation in the work of PARL.


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