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31st January 2019


The British Union Conference (BUC) Youth Day of Fellowship took place this year on Sabbath 26 January 2019 at the Dominion Centre in Wood Green, London. It was a day in which more than 2,200 youth travelled from all over the British Union ‒ Ireland, Scotland and Wales, North and South England.

This very simple, but powerful, idea of bringing the family together came about last year during a committee meeting; after spending some time in prayer, someone suggested that we try and bring the youth from the Union together. For those who do not know, the British Union is a territory that is quite large and includes the United Kingdom and Ireland, so it was never going to be easy to try to bring everybody together for the one day. For those of us sitting on that committee, which included the directors and sponsors from all the entities, the dream did come true and I a83308m so thankful to God that we were able to find and work towards that one date.

For me, as the Youth Ministries director for the Union, it was important not to add another day to plan for the very busy Mission and Conference fields, (and also important that we would not take the young people away from any of the local events already planned in the various regions), so when the call was made for someone to open one of their existing planned dates to the whole Union, Pastor Anthony Fuller (South England Conference Youth Ministries director) said that he was the one who was willing to host the British Union Youth Day of Fellowship. So that is what happened – the SEC planned the day with Pastor Anthony, his coordinator Milimo Ninvalle and regional represent83307atives working very hard to produce the programme and bring together the volunteers needed to run the event.


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