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My contribution was to provide the food for over 2000 people and I called on the services of none other than the BUC Treasurer, Earl Ramharacksingh, who I have worked with so often in the past at events like these. I received many comments after the event to say how well-fed and watered people had been, not just from the food that Earl and his team were able to provide, but also the spiritual food from Pastor Anthony’s sermon which truly inspired us.

At the end of his sermon, Pastor Anthony gave out a challenge and asked those in the room who were willing to rise to this challenge to come around the beautifully-decorated table on the stage – representing our closeness with Jesus but also representing the unity in our Union. He reminded us that it doesn’t matter what region we come from, what culture or ethnicity we originate from, we are all the same in God’s eyes. Many people answered the call that day.

Between feeding the multitudes and a shorter afternoon programme, the youth were able to use the precious moments afterwards to make new friends and reacquaint themselves with old friends. It was so beautiful to see the hugs, hear the laughter and to watch so many people with smiles on their faces as they talked with one another.

Now as this event passes into a sweet memory, I would like to say thank God for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come together in peace and worship His name. I would also like to thank every single regional Youth Ministries director and sponsor: Pastors Anthony Fuller, Adam Ramdin, David Rancić, Claudiu Popescu and the Irish Mission team, and their committee representatives who promoted and took part in this day – without their love and willingness to cooperate with the British Union,83309 days like these would not take place.


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