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This about how big it was…

16th August 2013

Do you like to wait? That is the question we can all identify with. Perhaps there are some who have a gift of waiting patiently. The message on the day of fellowship was introduced by this question, and it is a relevant question. The Scottish Mission is indeed a mission. That is the realisation when listening to the information given by Gerald and Chantal Klingbeil during their report on mission from the General Conference (World Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church). This ministerial couple were on their first ever visit to the UK, and Scotland was blessed to enjoy their presence. Gerald and Chantal kept sharing blessing after blessing as they took the stage during the Sabbath School session and of course, the rest of the day. Do we like to wait?

What better scripture to preach from than the book of Leviticus. When last did you hear a good sermon from there? Generations in the Bible is a reminder of the grace of God. Even so with the promise of Jesus .

The fellowship was attended by about 230 people . Heavenly music and excellent food of course also found their place in the day.

The Scottish Mission is now preparing for its camp meeting 25 – 27 October at Wallace High School, in Stirlingshire. Information for this event is available on the website, or contact Carole at the Mission office in Crieff: 01764 653257.

[Jimmy Botha]

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