Adventist members from Mainland China initiates rice distribution to underprivileged families in the Philippines

Despite being gravely affected by the coronavirus, members of the Mainland China Adventist church extend help where it is greatly needed

April 10, 2020
/ Manila, Philippines
/ Southern Asia-Pacific Division Communication Department

Adventist members from Mainland China initiates rice distribution to underprivileged families in the Philippines[Photo courtesy of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division]

A simple text message sent to Adventists friends in mainland China has raised $20,000 US dollars in less than 12 hours. Samuel Wang, Chinese Evangelist to the Southern Asia-Pacific region, has coordinated the fund-raising project via group chat to help the poor who are seriously affected, in the Philippines,  by the government lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The first batch of rice distribution, held in the municipality of Silang, Cavite, started on April 3, where more than 1260 families receive their goods. The bags were picked up by tricycle drivers, care group members, and utility personnel. Recipients were strictly advised about social distancing while in line to avoid the spread of the disease. The rice distribution was implemented under the close supervision of the municipal security and health office,  together with the tricycle driver’s association administration, to make sure of proper distribution of goods, while following safety health measures.

The following day, Church care group leaders were mobilized to list the names of their respective care group locations so they could also distribute goods to underprivileged families. Families living in shanties and makeshift houses were just some of the primary recipients of the rice donations situated in six different locations in Silang, Cavite, Philippines.

Church workers like security officers, gardeners, caretakers, carpenters, and utility workers were recipients of this simple gesture as well.

The second batch of rice distribution was organized four days after, where more than 890 families where counted as beneficiaries of this community service. More than 400 sacks of rice were distributed between the two rice distribution initiatives. 

“The people in China also suffered, so they understand the challenges that people are facing here,” said Wang. “They wanted to send a message that through unity, by love, by working together we can overcome this virus, so many helped out and responded to this call.”

While mobility and social gatherings are strictly prohibited due to the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) implemented by the government in the entire Luzon Island in the Philippines, joint efforts from local government units and private entities run operations distributing relief goods in different cities in Luzon. These operations were organized to help sustain basic family needs of individuals locked down in their houses, bounded to work for almost a month due to the continuously growing pandemic.

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