Adventist minister Devon Franklin and wife Meagan Good set to release book on sexual abstinence

Picture of Meagan Good and Devon Franklin
The media calls them a Power Couple. Adventist Minister / Movie Producer Devon Franklin and actress wife Meagan Good launch their book on sexual abstinence

DeVon Franklin and Meagan are set to release a brand new book about their courtship and marriage called the wait.

Film executive DeVon Franklin and actress wife Meagan Good reveal they waited and waited for years for “the one” to come into their lives. They often associated in the same circles for many years but only found romance while working together on the film Jump the Broom.

Having been in relationships that went no where before, both Meagan and Devon wanted to wait until the wedding night till they had their first time together. the book chronicles the journey they took to achieve this. It’s just not what most people do in this day and age. Such a mindset goes against the norm of the world. But as the couple share it paid dividends in their marriage.

In The Wait, DeVon and Meagan advise to wait rather than rush the relationship. It can really help you find “THE ONE”.  Its Loaded with sincere his-and-hers accounts of the most critical snippets of their relationship, and wise counsel on how sitting tight for everything—from dating to sex—can change the quality of your relationship, permitting you to build an even stronger relationship of tolerance, trust, and faith.

in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Meagan Good said of her celibacy before marriage “It was very different and its been amazing,” Of Devon she said,  “He had been celibate for almost 11 years because he’s a minister. He didn’t want to get up on the pulpit and do his thing and not be doing what he was saying.”

The wait is released early next year and is available for pre’order below now.

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