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Adventist publishing house in India spreads message of health and wellness


Nearly 1,000 copies of the Church’s world missionary book are distributed in Maharashtra.

September 17, 2015 Prema Marshall/ANN Staff

Adventist publishing house in India spreads message of health and wellness

Spicer Adventist University Professor Dr Roy Jemison Injety and OWPH Treasurer Mr Samuel Chacko holding the ‘Health and Wellness’ flags as they lead the rally out of the Mission campus. [Photo courtesy of Prema Marshall]

Volunteers of all ages rallied on August 27 to distribute health materials and nearly 1000 copies of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world missionary book in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The rally to distribute the book, “Health and Wellness—Secrets That Will Change Your Life,” by Mark Finley and Peter Landless, was organized by the Oriental Watch Publishing House, which prints Adventist publications in English, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, and several other Indian Languages. 

Before the 110 volunteers including employees of the publishing house, students of Spicer Adventist University and youth of Salisbury Park marched through a local community to distribute the book, leaders emphasized the importance of adopting a comprehensive healthy lifestyle. The publishing house’s editor-in-chief, Vara Prasad Deepati, highlighted how chronic diseases can be avoided by following methods described in the book. 

Deepati underscored “making wise choices about the riches entrusted to each of us – a body that has the potential to heal itself, a mind capable of the extraordinary, and a spirit that longs to be reunited with the Creator.” 

The Maharashtra state’s minister for social justice, Shri Dilip Kamble, attended the rally, applauding the publishing house’s ongoing dissemination of health knowledge throughout the nation. Pierson David, secretary of Adventist Health International, presented the minister with a copy of the English edition of “Health and Wellness,” and Dr. Vivek Gaikwad, chief medical officer of Pune Adventist Hospital, presented the minister with the Marathi edition.

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