Adult Literacy Program Improved to Affect More Lives Around the World


New structure, methodology explored for North American Division-sponsored initiative.

Yader José Garcia Cruz is from Paraná in the La Unión Department of El Salvador. He was declared deceased when he was born, but by God’s miracle, he came back to life. However, he suffered brain damage that impeded his development, which eventually affected his ability to learn how to read and write, even through his teenage years. 

Cruz’s teachers stigmatized him and told his mother that it was impossible for him to learn to read and write. The school recommended that he see a psychologist for further assessment. The psychologist confirmed what everyone had already believed. This led Cruz to abandon school altogether. He gave up hope.

  • In March 2019, Partners in Mission held an alumni reunion for those who completed the literacy program successfully. The woman pictured (right), with the help of David Poloche, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) director for the Inter-American Division, shows diplomas of her elementary and secondary school degrees that she earned after completing the Partners in Mission program. [Photo: courtesy of Partners in Mission]
  • In El Salvador, a church member learns to read through the North American Division’s collaborative Partners in Mission literacy program. [Photo: courtesy of Partners in Mission]
  • In El Salvador, adults learn to read through the Partners in Mission literacy program, while their children stay close to them during study time. [Photo: courtesy of Partners in Mission]

His mother never gave up. She learned of an opportunity through a literacy program offered in her community by the local Adventist church. His mother was particularly impressed with the personalized lessons it provided. She decided to enroll her son.

Now, at 36 years old, Cruz knows how to sign his name, write many words, and read.


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