Adventists Increase Impact on Health With New Medical Transport Vehicles


In southern Mexico, newly equipped vans will expand medical missionary outreach.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chiapas, Mexico highlighted its comprehensive health impact plan with eight brand-new vehicles during a special ceremony held in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, on June 3, 2019.  

The new vans will be used to expand the health and medical missionary work in the eight conferences that comprise the union territory.

“Health is one of the important pillars the church should invest in to be used as a light where it is needed most, as part of fulfilling the mission,” said Ignacio Navarro, president of the Adventist Church in Chiapas. Many marginal communities are in great need of healing and medical services across Chiapas, and the new vehicles will cater to them, he explained.


  • Adventist leaders line up to be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate expanding the church’s health impact across Chiapas. [Photo: Chiapas Mexican Union]
  • Ignacio Navarro, president of the Adventist Church in Chiapas, hands over the keys to a new mobile health vehicle to Uriel Castellanos Maza, president of the West Chiapas Conference. [Photo: Chiapas Mexican Union]

Local conference administrators, health ministries directors, and Adventist health professionals took part in the inauguration ceremony at the Chiapas Mexican Union’s headquarters office in Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

The first half of the year has seen dozens of health clinics, an amount that has doubled in this “Year of Health” the church is celebrating in Chiapas, church leaders said.

“We saw the great need of special medical transport vehicles and decided to facilitate that ministry to accomplish the scheduled activities throughout the year,” Navarro said.

Faustino De Los Santos, health ministries director for the Adventist Church in Chiapas, said that besides transporting medical staff and medicines during health impact programs, the vans can also be used to transport patients who need specialized medical services at clinics or hospitals.


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