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Bible Uses Augmented Reality to Visualize Prophetic Images


Portuguese and Spanish editions illustrate key concepts from the book of Revelation.

It has not always been easy for Bible students to visualize some of the prophetic descriptions in the book of Revelation. But now, thanks to a new edition called the Missionary Bible, Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking Bible students will have a way of doing just that.

The Missionary Bible, introduced during the South American Division (SAD) Annual Council meeting on November 10, 2018, will allow readers to use a smartphone application that shows images of the prophecies they are reading about. By downloading the Apocalipse RA application (available for Android and iOS), Bible students will be able to see key images found in the book of Revelation through Augmented Reality (AR). For instance, by positioning a mobile device over the verses in Revelation chapter 8, where the book discusses the seven trumpets, an illustration of seven angels with their trumpets will appear. Also, at the beginning of the Bible, the app shows a parchment containing common explanations for words such as “beast” and “horn,” which are used repeatedly in the book.

  • Everon Donato, Personal Ministries director for the South American Division (SAD), explains how the new Missionary Bible works with the app Apocalipse RA, during the SAD Annual Council on November 10, 2018, in Brasilia, Brazil. The Missionary Bible will be available in Portuguese and Spanish in February 2019. [Photo: Gustavo Leighton]

  • An example of the kind of image that appears by using the Apocalipse RA app with the new Missionary Bible released by the Adventist Church in South America. This example shows a visual portrayal of the seven angels with trumpets in the book of Revelation. [Photo: Jefferson Paradello]

“Even though it is a printed edition, we wanted to include digital contents,” said Carlos Magalhães, digital strategy manager for the regional Adventist Church. “[Features include] help to understand prophetic elements in Revelation, such as the seven-headed beast and the ten horns.”

According to Magalhães, the most significant contribution of the new application is that it enhances the reader’s approach to the biblical text, something that helps the person to retain information for a longer time. “The reader may forget part of what she read, but the image will stay in her mind,” he said.

A Practical Resource

Besides offering the app features, the new edition of the Bible is intended to become a practical resource for those involved in giving Bible studies, including missionary couples, Bible instructors, and volunteer evangelists.

“In this Bible, one passage is topically connected to another one, and each link includes a footnote comment,” explained SAD Personal Ministries director Everon Donato. “So you don’t need multiple resources. Everything you need for an effective Bible study is included.”

When using the application, an icon will tell the instructor where he can introduce the topic of the day, Donato said. “It will generate an image in the student’s head that will make it easier to understand what [the apostle] John was writing. Thanks to these resources, Bible study will become more dynamic, simple, practical, and educational.”

Almost half a million copies of the Missionary Bible have been ordered, and it is expected to be distributed by local church pastors across the territory. Priority will be given to those who are involved in mission and are eager to talk about God’s love to a friend, neighbor, or relative.

Church members and interests will also be able to purchase single copies at BR$8 (about US$2.15). The Missionary Bible will be available in both Portuguese and Spanish in February 2019.

The original version of this story appears on the South American Division news page.

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