Exercise to Fend Off Alzheimer’s, and Other Tips for Healthy Living


Conference on Global Health and Lifestyle kicks off with practical insights and revelations.

The 3rd Conference on Global Health and Lifestyle at Loma Linda, California, United States, kicked off on July 9, 2019 with minimum formalities and got right down to business. 

The five-day event, which has gathered more than 800 Seventh-day Adventist church leaders, health practitioners, and healthy-living advocates from 90 countries, made the most of sharing practical insights and useful tips for healthy living.

“We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” said Adventist Health Ministries director Peter Landless in his opening remarks. It is a fact, he emphasized, that frames prospective discussions and exchanges during the conference.


  • All proceedings of the 3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle are being interpreted into several languages, including American Sign Language. [Photo: Adventist News Network]
  • Based on information available from more than a century ago, thanks to the writings of Ellen G. White, Seventh-day Adventists should be the most physically fit people on earth, Williams said. [Photo: Adventist News Network]
  • Participants of the 3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle enjoy some moments of “Stretchercize” as they follow a team leader in a session of stretching exercises. Those moments were interspersed throughout the day. [Photo: Adventist News Network]

Following Landless’ lead, plenary presentations during the day went on to share how even in the face of growing public health concerns, small changes can go a long way to helping people fend off disease and enjoy a better life.

Free Medicine Against Cognitive Decline

“Exercise influences the proliferation of new neurons and increases the production of molecules secreted from neurons that are involved in learning and memory,” said Harvard professor and researcher David Williams in the opening plenary. Williams, who was recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences, shared straightforward, research-based tips that can not only improve personal health but also increase a local church’s footprint in its community.


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