“Hope Above Water” Project Assists Flood Victims in Romania


ADRA-sponsored initiative appeals for additional support to help displaced people.

In Romania, the capital city, Bucharest, and several locations across 20 counties in the country have been affected by heavy rainfall in early July 2018. After the floods, preventive measures were taken in the locations where the risk was the greatest.

It was difficult to estimate the damage, and needs were great, explained leaders of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Romania. “The most destitute and vulnerable are the elderly, especially those who have no help from relatives close by,” a spokesperson said.

Hope Above Water

ADRA Romania provided aid on site under the project “Speranțămaipresusde ape” [“Hope Above Water”]. After officers of ADRA Romania received the news and calls for help from field assistants all over the country, the relief organization moved fast to support flooded families by providing them with food, water, and personal hygiene items.


  • Aerial view of a flooded area in Romania. ADRA teams are assessing damages and moving quickly to assist families affected. [ADRA Romania, Inter-European Division News]
  • One of the bridges affected by recent torrential rains across Romania. ADRA teams are delivering relief items and recruiting volunteers to help those affected. [ADRA Romania, Inter-European Division News]

Romania Seventh-day Adventist Church president Stefan Tomoiaga shared what the church is doing in the aftermath of the floods and asked for church members’ prayers and support.

“At this time, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Romania is close to those who suffer and respond with love to the needs of the flood victims from Moldova, Transylvania, Muntenia, Dobrogea, and the Oltenia regions,” said Tomoiaga. “I encourage my brothers and sisters to look to our Father in heaven, who gave everything, and to remember our Savior’s words: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive!’”


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