Adventist Review Online | In Beirut, Adventist Teams Contribute to Resilience Amid Brokenness


“Campus damage was relatively limited. There was glass damage in several buildings, and drop ceilings were damaged (lifted up and then crashed down). By now, the campus is back to normal. Teams of faculty, staff, and students have been going daily to the affected areas, working in coordination with ADRA to assist with the cleanup.”


  • Volunteers from Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon, help clean up shattered glass and debris in one of the buildings affected by the August 4 explosion. [Photo: Larry Lichtenwalter]
  • A volunteer wearing a Middle East University T-shirt helps sweep one of the streets in the downtown area of Beirut, Lebanon, affected by the August 4 explosion. [Photo: Larry Lichtenwalter]

Vyhmeister noted the challenges existing for prospective students due to the explosion. He described one student whose parents and two siblings are now unemployed because the St. George Hospital shut down after the explosion.

Another student whose family is dependent on rental income from commercial property told Vyhmeister that all the renters are moving out.

A prospective fall MEU student could not complete the remaining portions of the GED exam after the only testing center in the country was severely damaged.

In the chaos caused by the explosion and made worse by the economic, political, and COVID-19 crisis in Lebanon, Vyhmeister highlighted the importance of both prayer and financial support.

“The community has come together to clean up. We’ve been blessed with many stories of how people were saved by not being in harm’s way due to various issues, as small as just bumping into a neighbor on the way home, getting stuck in traffic, or other seemingly ‘random’ events. It’s clear that God had His hand on many people,” Vyhmeister said. “The timing of the explosion was providential. If it had happened earlier, the death toll would have been higher due to the business traffic, and later in the evening due to people being out eating.”


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