Adventist Review Online | In Beirut, Adventist Teams Contribute to Resilience Amid Brokenness


“We prayed with students and encouraged them. These past weeks, MEU students, faculty, and staff have been busy on-site sweeping up glass, cleaning up all kinds of debris, delivering food, working with ADRA and other NGOs. It has been an incredible opportunity for young people and MEU faculty/staff to serve our larger community. One student told me that she has never experienced this kind of thing in her life but now understands more than ever before that this world is not our home and that there is much work to do for hurting people who have no hope.”

Lichtenwalter said his hope going forward is that MEU students, faculty, and staff experience peace, continue to engage in compassionate service, and become more emotionally sensitive, socially inclusive, and spiritually supportive with MEU students.

“By a renewed sense of the times in which we live and that God has brought us here for these moments, I take courage that despite the devastation and chaos, the hope we have will shine brighter,” Lichtenwalter said. “We have a team of young people who visit homes to pray and just let people talk about their experience. We see Jesus at work in the midst of incredible brokenness. We are reminded that we are mere humans.”

The original version of this story was posted on the Andrews University news site.

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