In Cyprus, Baptisms Highlight Adventist Church Cohesion and Fellowship


In an increasingly multicultural church, congregations witness “God at work.”

In Cyprus, Limassol has what many consider a glorious beach. Most people go there to sunbathe or swim, but for more than 150 participants at a Day of Fellowship on May 11, 2019, their visit was to witness the baptism of five new church members.

Every one of the candidates had a story to tell.

Take Wilma, for instance. She shared how God miraculously preserved her life as a newborn baby, and about the role of her roommate in her life when passionately telling her about the salvation Jesus offers. Ruth, on the other hand, said that on coming to Cyprus, she wandered far away from God. She was tempted in many different ways, but God in His mercy called her back home.


  • Even though there are just about 100 church members on the books in Cyprus, more than 150 people attended a special Day of Fellowship in Limassol on May 11, 2019. [Photo: Bogdan Osadchuk]
  • The five baptismal candidates and officiating ministers before the baptismal ceremony in Limassol, Cyprus, on May 11, 2019. [Photo: Paul Lockham]

The three other candidates also spoke about their journey to God. Newly married Elizabeth testified how God used the preaching of a lay pastor to impress her heart toward Bible truth and the love of Jesus. Eftim, on the other hand, spoke emotionally about how, while reading the Word of God, he felt God tapping on his shoulder and waiting for his response. And Ignati shared how, against all odds but with the help of God, he had gotten married the previous day. He said after making one life commitment, he was equally ready to make another one for eternity.


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