Adventist Review Online | In El Salvador, Young Adventists and ADRA Respond to Deadly Landslides


They are helping to feed affected families and rescue team workers.

As soon as torrential rains hit the northwestern part of El Salvador on October 30, 2020, causing landslides that destroyed everything in their path, Adventist young people from local Pathfinder Clubs rallied to collect food and goods to assist affected families.

Local authorities reported that nine people died, dozens more went missing, 30 homes were buried, and more than 130 homes were damaged, leaving dozens of people displaced.

“The flow of debris grew because of all the material that was being dragged downward,” Fernando López, of the nation’s Ministry of Environment, said. “The debris was going at such speed that it generated a jam, and that caused the overflow toward the rest of the natural drainage system.”


  • Master Guides and Pathfinders from northwest El Salvador hand out refreshments to a debris clearing worker in Nejapa. [Photo: courtesy of El Salvador Union]
  • Adventist young people from churches in northwest El Salvador sort out goods to package for families displaced by the landslides. [Photo: courtesy of El Salvador Union]
  • After torrential rains on October 30, 2020, landslide debris covered a road in Nejapa, El Salvador and damaged dozens of homes, killing nine people. [Photo: courtesy of El Salvador Union]

Hours after the landslides, hundreds of young people, mostly from Adventist-sponsored Pathfinder Clubs throughout the area, began assembling bags of food and clothes and helped prepare meals to take to the dozens of affected families. Other young people in the metropolitan and central parts of the country began gathering food for the rescue teams removing debris in the worst affected areas in Nejapa, church leaders said.

As soon as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in El Salvador was able to respond the following day, relief efforts began, and dozens of Adventist young people joined to provide additional assistance to displaced families.


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