In Guatemala, Church Launches Food Distribution to Adventist Families


Four thousand households with church members in need will benefit from the initiative.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Guatemala began distributing food baskets to thousands of its church members most affected by the national quarantine regulations that limit them from going to work to provide for their families.

“Because of the government’s decree on quarantine measures and curfews in place, the country seems to be paralyzed, fear has taken over communities, [and] some products are scarce as people have been confined to their homes to contain the spread of COVID-19,” said Guenther Garcia, president of the Adventist Church in Guatemala. “The crisis will intensify as another 30 days of isolation is scheduled for April 2020, preventing so many from going out to earn money to feed their loved ones.”

Each of the eight conferences and missions in the region has identified those who are at highest risk of being affected by the coronavirus and those with low incomes, especially church members 60 or older who depend on daily selling in the market, explained Gustavo Menéndez, communication director for the church in Guatemala.


  • A young church member in the North Guatemala church region delivers a food bag especially prepared for Adventist families in need.  [Photo: Guatemala Union]
  • Prepared food bags are piled in a pickup truck ready to be delivered to dozens of families in the northwestern part of Guatemala. The bags contain rice, beans, cornmeal, salt, and sugar. [Photo: Guatemala Union]
  • A church member holds a gift bag of food during the March 25, 2020, distribution in Peten, in the North Guatemala church region. [Photo: Guatemala Union]

Many families in the north, the metropolitan area, and the west regions received food baskets containing rice, beans, cornmeal, oil, salt, and sugar, Menéndez said. The March 25 distribution led church leaders and member volunteers to assemble hundreds of food baskets for needy families.


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