In North America, Summit Focuses on Helping to Recognize and Stop Abuse


Leaders said they hope pastors and seminary students now have better tools to act.

On the first day of the North American Division’s 2019 enditnow Summit on Abuse, the seminary chapel at Andrews University was full. 

The two-day summit on September 4, 2019 on the Andrews campus in Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States, was organized to give pastors, seminary students, teachers, volunteers, church staff, and members the tools and knowledge to help end abuse within their scope of influence. 

  • Ruben Muriente addresses the audience at the North American Division (NAD) enditnow Summit on Abuse on September 4, 2019. Muriente, the outreach coordinator for the Family Justice Center in Tennessee, spoke both days of the summit, presenting in English and Spanish. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • Seminary students actively engage in the 2019 enditnow NAD Summit on Abuse held on the campus of Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • After the presentations on day one of the enditnow Summit on Abuse, Latoya Wright, a seminary student and abuse survivor, participates with the panel of speakers in the summit’s Q&A session in Chan Shun Hall, Andrews University. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • During the 2019 North American Division (NAD) enditnow Summit on Abuse, speaker Rene Drumm talks about relational abuse and violence. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]

The summit featured a number of experts ranging from church leaders, administrators, professional advocates, and educators to women who shared their stories of abuse. The division’s third summit, the event was broadcast over two days in English and Spanish and is the first to be held on a university campus.

A Sober and Serious Subject

“This is a very sober and serious subject facing our society and our church,” said G. Alexander Bryant, North American Division (NAD) executive secretary, during an introduction to the summit. “It is my prayer that you leave this summit more equipped, informed, and motivated to address abuse in the sphere of your influence — where you work, where you socialize, and even where you worship.”


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