In Spain, Volunteers Help to Print and Deliver Face Shields


ADRA is behind an initiative seeking to assist frontline health-care workers and seniors.

A group of people volunteering for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Spain and a newly formed group named “Covidmakers” are using 3D printers and technology to make face masks (also called facial shields), which they are donating to area hospitals, health-care facilities, and senior residences in Camp de Morvedre, Valencia.

According to a March 31, 2020, post by Revista Adventista España (Adventist Review Spain), local ADRA leaders reported that since March 26, volunteers have distributed the first 220 face shields to various facilities, including Sagunto Hospital near Sagunto Adventist College.

Volunteers working on the project shared that they have been making two different types of face shields, one simpler and another one of superior quality to be used by frontline health-care workers in their fight against COVID-19. Basic frames are made using 3D printers, and then the shields are put together by the same group, leaders said. The volunteers also deliver the shields to local medical facilities.

  • A health-care professional smiles behind her mask after receiving a score of face shields made by volunteers, which will be distributed among frontline workers across health-care facilities in Camp de Montvedre, Valencia, Spain. [Photo: Pedro Llorca, ADRA Camp de Montvedre]
  • Volunteers help to assemble face shields to be distributed in nearby health-care facilities and senior citizen residences in Camp de Montvedre, Valencia, Spain. Basic frames are made using 3D printers and technology by ADRA and other volunteers. [Photo: Pedro Llorca, ADRA Camp de Montvedre]

“People working in health-care facilities received a face shield, even if they are not directly taking care of patients with COVID-19,” project coordinators reported. “Simple face shields were delivered to people working in administration or general nursing and triage positions. Higher quality shields were sent to endoscopy specialists, intensive care unit workers, and pulmonology physicians.”


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