Inter-America’s Leaders Halt Travel, Cancel Major Events for Months

Inter-American Division president Elie Henry (left) is joined by fellow administrators in Miami, during videoconference meetings with the 24 union administrators. [Photo: Abel Márquez, Inter-American Division News]

Regional offices employees move to work remotely, at least until March 30.

As the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) looms over the world, the leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-American Division (IAD) territory announced today the cancellation of major upcoming events and the banning of all travel for the next 30 days, and unveiled follow-up operations for the church in the coming days and weeks.

“Safety is of utmost importance for the church in Inter-America as well as the world church during this situation,” said Elie Henry, president of the church in Inter-America. As he briefed the division leaders, Henry noted that many adjustments will probably come as the situation develops.

One thing is clear, stated Henry:

“We want to follow all regulations and recommendations of the government regarding this pandemic, whether it be federal or local,” he said. That statement goes to all church leaders overseeing the church throughout the 24 major church regions in Inter-America, the president explained. “If the local government makes a decision, we must follow it. If you are ordered to be quarantined for two weeks, then you must obey.”

Henry reminded leaders to continue washing their hands, observe proper hygiene, and maintain the recommended social distancing.

“We are continuing to monitor any information that is shared by the World Health Organization, governments, and the General Conference.”

Travel Suspended

All travel is suspended for the next 30 days, he said. That goes for all traveling staff.

Most of the unions have reported that their large church events have been canceled, and evangelistic work continues to be carried on throughout small groups and smaller meetings, he said.

Working Remotely

Leaders and staff will continue to work remotely from their homes as the IAD office will be closed until March 30, said Henry. “We are not closed for business. Our work will just be conducted outside of the office building,” he said.


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