Adventist Review Online | Online Ads Enhance Outreach Initiatives Across Bolivia


More than 60 percent of participants say they were drawn by posts on social media.

Rita Labra lived only four blocks from a Center of Influence called Espacio Vida Sana [Healthy Life Corner], located in downtown Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia. However, she learned of two initiatives developed by young Adventists involved in the “One Year in Mission” (OYiM) program through social media networks. A neighbor saw the post on Facebook and shared the news with her. Labra decided to go to the center to learn more about vegetarian cooking.

Labra used the knowledge she acquired to launch a homemade-meals small business. Now she also sells healthy foods.


  • Three Centers of Influence in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, including the one pictured here, are offering free courses on vegetarian cooking, crafts, physical fitness activities, and Biblia study. Most people say they first heard about the offers through social media advertising. [Photo: One Year in Mission Bolivia, South American Division News]
  • Among the offers of classes at Espacio Vida Sana [Healthy Life Corner] was an opportunity to study the Bible, and several residents of Santa Cruz de la Sierra accepted. [Photo: One Year in Mission Bolivia, South American Division News]

After she completed the vegetarian cooking course, Labra enrolled in a physical therapy class, then in fitness activities, and finally in a session that promised to explain Bible topics to her. “I learned things I did not know — important things for my health,” she said.

Labra’s interactions with the center began in May 2018. The center was built in a strategic area of the city, which has a population of 1.7 million. The initiative includes the services of 20 young people from several countries who offer, free of charge, many courses and presentations of interest to the community in the areas of music, health, education, theology, and others.


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