Adventist Review Online | Physician Thanks God, Adventist Radio for Second Chance at Life

Moved to tears, physician Daniel Quispe Mamani said he is grateful for a second chance at life. He now wants to support the mission of Radio Nuevo Tiempo Peru so the station can help and encourage other people just as it did for him. [Photo: EsSalud]

In Peru, Daniel Quispe Mamani is grateful he has defeated COVID-19 and depression.

In June 2020, physician Daniel Quispe Mamani arrived in Peru’s capital city of Lima on an emergency flight from the southern city of Juliaca. He was one of the health-care workers in that South American nation infected with COVID-19. In Quispe’s case, he believes he was infected while working as an emergency doctor at an ambulance service.

After spending 15 days on a ventilator and thinking he would not survive, Quispe began to slowly but steadily recover. But while his body seemed to fight back against the virus, he said his mental state was different altogether. 

“I was depressed, and I felt despondent,” Quispe said.

It was in those dark days that he received a package from his brother. The package included a Bible and a cell phone.

“I was overwhelmed with emotion as I visited the Radio Nuevo Tiempo Peru Facebook page,” Quispe said. “I was in desperate need of finding peace.”

Quispe shared that he began to listen to the Adventist radio station programs regularly.

“Every one of them was like a balm to my heart,” he said. “It was a rough patch, but I can see now that God worked through the radio. I was able to find peace and hope, which was, above anything else, what I was looking for.”

As tears rolled down his cheeks, Quispe explained the role he thinks the Adventist radio station had in his life.

“Every time I needed words of encouragement, Nuevo Tiempo Radio was there,” he said. “I know that in those moments, God was holding me in His arms. And if I forgot that God was with me, Nuevo Tiempo Radio would be there once more to remind me of it.”


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