Adventist Review Online | Praying and Planning for Growth in Peru


A story of faith highlights the importance of Maranatha to keep building God’s church.

On a Saturday (Sabbath) afternoon, the Primavera Seventhday Adventist congregation in Peru was finishing up the first service in their new church, with the word “church” being loosely defined. 

It was a big day for Primavera — 10 years in the making. Until then, the group had been hopping from home to home for worship. The members knew that in order to be truly effective, they needed roots. They needed a real church building. 

The problem was that land was expensive. Although the area was mostly agricultural, it was a nice region relatively close to the city of Lima. Finally, through much saving and a donation from a group in Canada, the congregation purchased a corner lot. 


  • The Adventist group stands outside the Mi Peru C Seventh-day Adventist Church outside of Lima, Peru. The congregation has been meeting in this ramshackle house for more than 20 years. They need a new place of worship. [Photo: Dustin Comm, Maranatha Volunteers International]
  • Sara Luz and others have been praying for God to help them to grow His church in her area outside of Lima, Peru. [Photo: Dustin Comm, Maranatha Volunteers International]
  • Sara Luz (center, blue shirt) and her daughter, Miriam Silva (black shirt), worship together at the Mi Peru C Seventh-day Adventist Church outside of Lima. [Photo: Dustin Comm, Maranatha Volunteers International]

With no funds left, the members built a church with mud brick walls. They used a sheet of plastic for the roof. A neighbor gave them cardboard and plywood to build a fence. It wasn’t attractive, but it was a shelter, and it would do for now.

“I remember on that [first] Saturday, the pastor arrived in the afternoon. He came through the door and said, ‘Brothers! I have something to tell you!’” said Hernan Alejos, a member of the Primavera church. “‘You are blessed by God.’ Those were the pastor’s words.”


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