Stand on the Promises of God with Holy Spirit Power


In his annual report, North American Division executive secretary discusses milestones, challenges.

On the second day of the 2019 North American Division (NAD) Year-End Meetings, executive secretary G. Alexander Bryant started the secretary’s report by quoting Isaiah 40:31, telling the executive committee that whatever challenges come, even when “we scratch our heads and ask, ‘What are we going to do,’ we’re going to stand on the promises of God.”

After thanking the secretariat team, Bryant went straight into membership figures. He shared that the NAD membership stands at 1,257,913 as of December 2018, with 5,606 churches and 865 companies. Five years ago, Bryant said, the NAD had about 6,000 church congregations, and “now we’re closing in on seven thousand. We are thankful for our church planting initiative.”

  • Ernest Hernandez, director of the Office of Volunteer Missions, shares a report on volunteer and missionary activity in the North American Division at the 2019 Year-End Meetings. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • G. Alexander Bryant delivers the Secretary’s Report at the 2019 North American Division Year-End Meetings on November 1, 2019. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • Brian Ford, assistant director for eAdventist, shares how the division’s database analysis can help local conferences and unions with demographic and other data. [Photo: Pieter Damsteegt, North American Division News]
  • Carolyn Forrest, associate secretary and director of North American Division Human Relations, Interdivision/International Service Employee Resources, and Archives and Statistics, presents a report on diversity in the region during the 2019 Year-End Meetings on November 1, 2019. [Photo: Dan Weber, North American Division News]

According to research shared by Bryant, Christianity, in terms of numerical growth in the NAD region (Canada and the United States), is stagnant. But the Adventist Church has seen steady growth. He said, “To still be moving in a positive direction is a blessing of the Lord in our territory. With the exception of a couple of areas, there’s still been steady growth, about two to three percent.” Overall growth is the largest in the Southern Union Conference, while the Southwestern Union Conference is the fastest growing in the division. The Guam-Micronesia Mission is also showing steady growth.


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