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A glimpse into some of the amazing developments in the Adventist Church in Vanuatu.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Vanuatu recently held evangelistic meetings across that South Pacific nation, which covers more than 80 islands. After most of the meetings had wrapped up at the end of July, church leaders and members reported stories of how residents of the island communities opened up and accepted Bible truth, with dozens eventually deciding to join the Adventist Church. Below are some of their stories. — Editors

If You Preach It, They Will Come

For the first week of meetings in Emua on Efate, Vanuatu Mission secretary Charley Jimmy preached to an empty field. Sometimes he asked, “God, what am I doing here? Is this Your will for us to have this program here?”


  • Nos Terry Mailalong, president of Vanuatu Mission, baptizes an inmate at Port Vila’s minimum-security prison on July 28, 2018. Twelve inmates surrendered their lives to Christ. [Photo: Jean-Pierre Niptick, Adventist Record]
  • On the right, some of the inmates baptized at Port Vila’s minimum-security prison on July 28, 2018. It was the first baptismal ceremony at a prison in Vanuatu and was attended by national officials and police officers. [Photo: Jean-Pierre Niptick, Adventist Record]

During the second week, however, people started to attend, and by the final Sabbath (Saturday) of the program, 13 people had decided to be baptized. Among them were a pastor of another Christian faith and his wife. The evangelistic series not only brought them and their daughter into the Adventist family, but it also brought the couple back together after seven years of separation.

On the change that took place in Emua over the three weeks of the series, Jimmy said, “It’s indeed a miracle. I just did my best, and God did the rest.”


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