Ukrainian Millionaire Joins Evangelistic and Social Projects in Madagascar


His efforts have resulted in the construction of schools and churches, and many baptisms.

Over a period of four months starting in February 2019, Seventh-day Adventists conducted 431 evangelistic programs in Madagascar, which resulted in 2,012 baptisms.

This is the largest number of baptisms ever in that region, leaders said. Twenty pastors from the local conference and many church members participated in the gospel events in the two northern regions of the country — Diana and Sava.

Help from Ukraine

A Ukrainian businessman, Vasyl Stoyka, currently living in the Czech Republic, was one of the active missionaries and the initiator of several charity projects. In April and May, Stoyka conducted a program in two cities — Ambodiampana and Ambanja. Also, with the financial help of Stoyka as well as money donated by several others, Adventists implemented ten charitable projects, such as the construction of churches and schools. 

  • One of the recent baptisms in Madagascar. In this instance, 275 people became Seventh-day Adventists as a result of the evangelistic efforts of Vasyl Stoyka and other presenters. [Photo:]
  • Businessman and evangelist Vasyl Stoyka (front row, right) with a group of Madagascan leaders, before a cooking master class, which included a typical Ukrainian dish. [Photo:]
  • Among the projects sponsored by businessman/evangelist Vasyl Stoyka, one incorporates teaching children and young people how to help clean up their towns and villages. [Photo:]

One of the largest baptisms this year took place in the city of Sambava. On April 27, 1,519 people were baptized. Those were people from several different cities who had been preparing for this event for three months. Several hundred more people, including those from Stoyka’s programs, were baptized after that day. Darany Soatra Bruno, a pastor from the Eastern Dnieper Conference of the Ukrainian Union Conference and a native of Madagascar, helped a Ukrainian evangelist with the translation. 


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