Adventist Review Online | Urban and Rural Mission in Laos Reaches New Milestones


Seventh-day Adventists are making inroads in that Southeast Asian nation.

Seventh-day Adventists in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos have recently reached several milestones in their mission initiatives, regional Adventist leaders reported. They said they are happy to share some of the results of what they believe have been successful outreach programs across the country. 

Urban Mission Success

Inspired by the “Mission to the Cities” and “Urban Centers of Influence” initiatives introduced by the world church’s Adventist Mission organization, local churches in Laos’s capital city, Vientiane (population: 950,000), developed new strategies and centers to share the Adventist lifestyle with people living there.

Recently, a business owner and family learned about Jesus Christ through the urban outreach of the church. In April 2021, they decided to commit their lives to God through baptism. People joining the church in Laos often come from rural areas, minority groups, or people with economic challenges. This baptism marks new success in the mission to reach the majority group and urban, middle, and upper-class people in Vientiane.

“This occasion inspired the church to increase its outreach activities to bring its message of hope to rural dwellers and those in the cities as well,” Adventist leaders reported. “Church members are designing new strategies to bring the Adventist message and lifestyle closer to the public.”

Church leaders and members shared that one such plan is a mobile book shop, using a minivan to bring Adventist books and other health and lifestyle resources to the community. “Young people are also excited to be a part of the initiative. They have developed sports and social group meetings to foster friendship among attendees,” church leaders shared.  Church members in Vientiane also plan to offer free classes in English, music, and multimedia.


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