Adventist Review Online | Weekly Service at Andrews University Focuses on Fellowship and Storytelling


‘Kinetic Worship’ features music, Bible study, testimonies, and food.

Hosted every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. by the University Towers residence hall on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States, the Kinetic Worship service seeks to highlight fellowship and storytelling. The program, held in conjunction with the Andrews University Graduate Student Association (AUGSA), features music, a speaker, and food. 

Student dean J. J. Martinez and AUGSA chaplain Stephen Farr lead the worship, aiming to make it an experience through which older students and graduate students can hear the Word of God, develop a relationship with Him, and forge connections with each other.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, offers of food and fellowship at Kinetic Worship attracted more than 100 people a week. The gatherings presented the dual opportunity to get acquainted with others and experience God’s presence. While the pandemic brought a multitude of changes to how the program operated, the leaders of Kinetic Worship worked hard to make sure it remained an authentic space for connection.

Christina Hunter, director and dean of University Towers, explained, “We’ve had to amend things greatly due to COVID, but we’ve continued to push forward and provide worship, food, and fellowship in safe ways.”

In addition to following safety guidelines such as face coverings, physical distancing, and occupancy limits for the in-person services, Kinetic Worship has been made available online. While integrating technology to livestream the program involved a heavy learning curve, the University Towers team worked hard to ensure the program can now be accessed through Zoom and Facebook for students who prefer to attend virtually.

This year, the worship service centers around the theme, “God, Make Me Brave.” Students, faculty, and staff are invited to share their stories with the group, allowing a safe space for expression. From resiliency journeys to missions, a variety of topics are covered, each providing the opportunity for attendees to hear how God has moved in somebody’s life. After each message, individuals gather safely for a time to discuss what they’ve heard.


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