Adventist School Thrives on Student Discipleship


Papua New Guinea boarding school is being blessed by Total Member Involvement

“I made a new friend this year,” says Nabila Paitik, a 10th-grade student at Nagum Adventist Secondary School, in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG). “She comes from a Sunday-church background and I noticed she was very faithful in not working on Sunday. When we were asked to pair up and find a prayer partner, I asked her and she said yes. When everyone was asleep in the dorm we would pray together. I told her God had chosen her to come to this school so she could be a light to her family.”

There’s a new enthusiasm for God at Nagum. After the Total Member Involvement (TMI) concept was launched in the Sepik region in June 2016, the school decided to follow up with an initiative of their own, a Festival of Discipleship. TMI is an initiative of the world Seventh-day Adventist Church to get every member involved in sharing Jesus.

“[The Festival of Discipleship] was a new idea for us,” says Jeffery Saigomi, a chaplain at the small boarding school of just 183 students. “There was a lot of excitement. Our primary ‘feeder’ schools were also involved and 84 were baptised at that festival, including one teacher.

  • Baldazar Megnangam says that, despite his initial reluctance, being enrolled at Nagum has been an answer to prayer. [Photo: Adventist Record]
  • School chaplain Jeffery Saigomi, center, with students from Nagum Adventist Secondary School, in Papua New Guinea. [Photo: Adventist Record]
  • Nabila Paitik is learning the power of prayer and simple friendship for reaching out her classmates. [Photo: Adventist Record]

“We have at least nine ministries at the school,” says Saigomi, reading off a list that includes community services, men’s and women’s ministries, prayer ministries and Bible studies twice a week. “We encourage them to reach out to their peers to influence them for Christ. Two weeks ago, we baptized 17 students. They came into the water, accompanied by the student who had led them to Christ.”


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