Adventist World Church Publishing Ministries Director Encourages Colporteurs to be – “Purpose Driven Souls”

On February 11, 2019, Colporteurs from across Jamaica Union Conference converged at the Maranatha SDA Church in Mandeville for a special meeting with Publishing Director of the General Conference, Pastor Almir M. Marroni.

Pastor Marroni, who was in Jamaica as part of the 200-member delegation from the World Church, participated in the 12th Global Leadership Summit at the Iberostar Hotel in Montego Bay during the period February 4-8, 2019.

The team was also part of the historic Jamaica Union Conference’s Mission Project 2019 – ‘Wholistic Health for Personal and National Transformation’, LTM Convention held on February 9, 2019 at the Montego Bay Convention Center.

In his message to the over 100 colporteurs gathered at the meeting, Marroni said, “There is a process that God takes us through.  When God chooses somebody as a missionary, when God calls somebody, he sends them through a process, where many times they don’t understand… Every day the Literature Evangelist leaves his or her home with a briefcase full of books to go to some house or business place to present God’s message, they are sent by the Lord.  You are not an accident you are a purpose driven soul.”

In his presentation Pastor Marroni shared with the Colporteurs three important steps to success:

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