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Apr 08, 2019  |  Arusha, Tanzania  | 

Adventist World Radio initiates African producers into hands-on Total Member Involvement experience

Recently, Adventist World Radio (AWR) gathered more than 90 radio producers from nearly 30 countries in Africa to the city of Arusha, Tanzania for two weeks of training and evangelism that resulted in 1500 baptisms. 

For two weeks, each attendee had the opportunity to  practice preaching. Every morning, the AWR team coached them on how to improve for next time.  In the afternoon, participants were sent to preach in site located all around Arusha.  Some of them had never preached before but they all agreed that theirs was a powerful experience.  

“I was terrified at first but when I saw people responding to the call, I soon became bold and more confident as I experienced the mighty work that God was doing through me”, said one participant from Uganda.

According to Ray Allen, General Vice President for Adventist World Radio, the whole idea was born at a meeting where members of AWR felt radio producers in Africa and Asia would be blessed by preaching at a regular 2-week Total Member Involvement event, coupled with training on how to combine the FM radio broadcasts with the initiative.

Allen added he was touched by the testimonies from the field. One delegate said they did not come expecting to preach but now their life had been changed, and they will return home a changed person. Others said they were fired up and are looking to implement the program as soon as possible when they return home. 

The producers came from East- Central Africa Division, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division and West-Central Africa Division. 

On behalf of the church leadership in Tanzania, David Makoye, Executive Secretary of the Northern Tanzania Union Conference, congratulated AWR for their efforts, “You have kindled gospel fire here and we will always remember that this is love in action. Thank you for your sacrifice. When we go to heaven, many Tanzanians will look for you and greet you.” 


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