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Adventists in Kenya Inaguarate a Brand New Union Office Headquarters


Kenyan president praises contribution of the Adventist Church in the areas of health and education.

February 09, 2016

Philip Baptiste

Adventists in Kenya Inaguarate a Brand New Union Office Headquarters

[Photo’s courtesy of ECD Media Center]

Over 3,00 leaders and members from the Adventist church’s East-Central African Division celebrated the inauguration of the newly built West Kenya Union Conference headquarters last week in Kisumu, Kenya. The state of the art complex includes a brand new media center, two cafeterias and a host of offices and meetings rooms. 

Special guests included His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, president of the country of Kenya. East-Central Africa Division president Blasious Ruguri welcomed the nation’s president and acknowledged the work of Union president Kenneth Maena, whose leadership was able to inspire the building of the new three-story office complex in just 15 months.  

The two-day celebration included a special dedication service on Sabbath February 6, followed by an inaugural ceremony on February 7, where the president of Kenya was the guest of honor. 

The nation’s president commended the Adventist Church for its exemplary role in transforming the country and building communities. “You have established hospitals, schools, and other socially beneficial amenities. You have uplifted communities, empowered our citizens and built our nation,” the president said. 

Kenneth Maena thanked the Kenyan president for his support of the Church and shared that he and his team were dedicating the new offices to the mission of evangelism and discipleship. 

The West Kenya Union Conference has only been in existence for two years. The rapidly expanding region has more than 300,000 members and more than 2,000 churches.

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