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Adventists Mourns the Passing of Dr. Neville Gallimore


June 1, 2020

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica received with deep regret news of the passing of Dr. Neville Gallimore, a committed member of the Church and a faithful servant of God.

In commenting on his passing, Pastor Everett Brown, President of Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists said, “Dr. Gallimore was our brother and friend.  I recall that as a young pastor, I served in the Brown’s Town District of Churches, and he was a member of the Devon Church that was part of that circuit.  Because I was dependent on public transportation at that time, he would graciously volunteer to transport me to my various congregations on numerous Sabbaths, for which I was most appreciative.”

“He exemplified humility and kindness of which the Church as a whole and many persons individually, were grateful beneficiaries,” Brown continued. “His home was always a very busy thoroughfare with his many constituents coming and going as they sought his help in various ways.  He even engaged them in a branch Sabbath School at his home before the St. D’Acre congregation was started.”

“The Alexandria Church and the congregation he was instrumental in organizing next to his house at St. D’Acre benefitted from his generosity and commitment to building up the Kingdom of Grace.  He and his family donated generously to various church projects and he devoted time and effort to many causes.”

Dr. Gallimore passed away on Thursday, May 28, 2020 in California, USA. He was 81. At the time of his passing, Dr. Gallimore was a member of the Northern Caribbean University Board of Governors.

“As Chairman of the Board, I was always appreciative of his wise and insightful interventions at meetings and during our one to one conversations.”

His love of farming was no secret and many benefitted immensely from his generosity as a ‘farmer’ as he lavishly supplied with fruits of various kinds and other produce from his farm. He took great pride and pleasure in giving everyone the grand tour to see his plants and animals.

“He always had time to spend with friends and acquaintances; and he kept us supplied lavishly with boxes or bags of fruits and other produce from his farm.  His mantra was “You must service your friendships,” Brown quipped.

“I learned a long time ago that I should not call in on Dr. Gallimore at St. D’Acre House on my way to anywhere unless I had a lot of time to spare.  He was a welcoming host, a stalwart Jamaican and a consummate public servant.  We will miss him.”

“On behalf of the Adventist Church family, we extend condolences to his widow, Dr. Angella Gallimore, his sons and daughters and other members of his family.   The Church mourns with you and we assure you of our prayers and support during this very difficult time.” Brown added.


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