Adventurers Put Evangelism Into Practice

Adventurers Put Evangelism Into Practice

Recently the Helper class of the Zaoksky Adventurer Club (Zaoksky, Russia) visited the Ellen White Research Center where the children heard inspiring stories from the lives of early Church pioneers. 

Larisa Aksentevna Andrusyak told of missionaries from Ellen White’s time, as well as modern evangelists. She showed the children photographs and answered their questions. After a stirring conversation, the Adventurers watched a video about the missionary journey of the Apostle Paul.

After the presentation, the Adventurer leaders asked the children, “Do you want to live an interesting life and never get bored? Then we have a task for you!” The leaders gave each child two books: The Great Controversy and Secrets of the Ship

Together with their parents, the children were to think of friends and acquaintances to whom they could donate the books. They had three weeks to finish the project. Whoever finished would receive a Young Evangelist’s patch and go on a real missionary campaign, visiting poor families and taking them food and toys. 

Excitedly, the young Helpers took the books and rushed off to carry out their assignment. Two weeks later, they shared their first experiences: “I donated books to friends of our family who don’t go to church at all,” says Arina. “Their reaction was, ‘Wow.’”

“My mother and I handed the book The Great Controversy to the cloakroom attendant in the hospital,” Kirill said happily. “I gave the children’s book to a friend, and I’m still thinking about who to give the adult book to,” Maxim shared.

Most of the children finished the task and are now looking forward to receiving their Evangelist patch. Our Adventurers have learned from experience that those who preach the gospel of Christ are never bored.

“How beautiful are the feet of the herald on the mountains, proclaiming peace, proclaiming joy, preaching salvation” (Isa. 52: 7).

 This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site


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