Almost 22 million books highlight hope amid pandemic


T he pandemic of the new coronavirus limited the proximity between people, but it did not prevent creative ideas from emerging, including one of the main campaigns to encourage reading in South America: the Impact of Hope.

In a period of uncertainty about the future of humanity on things such as health, the economy, national security, and environmental concerns, Pastors Luís Gonçalves and Diogo Cavalcantibook found it to be a great opportunity to distribute the book, The Great Hope, to help answer questions people may have. A project to distribute nearly 22 million printed copies of The Great Hope has been initiated and you can be a part of it!

In order to participate in literature evangelism during a world pandemic, it is imperative to deliver the books in a way that would protect the health of those distributing them, as well as the people who receive the book. As such, it is not recommended to hold rallies, caravans, group outings, and any other actions that may generate conglomerations of people.

The project’s official website: lists some suggestions on how to participate in this project. However, if you would like to participate but are considered to be high risk, you can send digital copies out to friends and family. A special children’s edition is also available in the form of a comic book. If you prefer, you may also access the book in audio format. To do this, just visit

This year also marks the 120th year Anniversary of Casa Publadora Brasileira (CPB), the publishing office of the Adventist Church in Brazil which was founded in 1900 and is responsible for publishing all of the books that have been distributed in Brazil during Impacto Esperança over the past 12 years. Since 2007, Impacto Esperança has distributed more than 287 million books in both Portuguese and Spanish. This number increases when considering the growth of digital distribution.


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