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Black History Month Feature Articles


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In recognition of Black History Month in the United States, below are links to articles on African-American Adventists who have impacted their country and their world. These articles, which reference just a few outstanding Adventist "pioneers," are from a variety of sources.


North American Division:

Trailblazing Evangelist C. D. Brooks Passes to Rest in Jesus

C.D. Brooks: A Life Sketch

On Holy Ground with Admiral Black (featured in Adventists in the News/NewsPoints)

Adventist Review:

Who’s That Adventist Woman Beside Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Nine Children Face an Angry Town: An Interview with Terrence Roberts, One of the "Little Rock Nine"

The Freedom Fighter a Nation Nearly Forgot

A Journey and a March

Shine On! — Lena Nozizwe

Brad: A Life of Service

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