Book Review: Confessions of a Christian Wife


Confessions of a Christian Wife: A Look at Relationships and Faith
Heather Thompson Day

I picked up Confessions of a Christian Wife without great enthusiasm. There were two things on this book that made me think I’d only be flicking through it: the youthful picture of the author—was she old enough to have any Christian-wife life experience?—and the “Christian Wife” part in the title. Like, really? Who talks like that these days?

I started at the beginning, as one does. The writing is punchy. It is modern: if you’re wanting a book for a young-ish wife (say, under 35), the author will be speaking the same language. And the content is real: there are good times, there are bad times. There are no perfect times, but there are small perfect moments.

The author is a wife (obviously), a mother of three little children, and a working professional. She is who most of us are, and what she says is relatable. You don’t even need to make your way through Confessions of a Christian Wife from beginning to end. You can read a chapter—which is only a maximum of four pages—if the title catches your attention and you won’t need to wonder what happened before.

Part of the back-page blurb reads, “Whether your bad-boy boyfriend breaks your heart, your husband’s mother drives you to the brink, or you’re up to your ears in the demands of motherhood, take a breath and dive into this collection of 31 stories.” Each chapter is light yet thought-provoking, and I’m pretty sure a Christian wife would be a better, more real person to herself, her husband, and the people around her having read this book.

And as an “older wife”—meaning, my last child has just left home—Confessions of a Christian Wife was a blessing to me too.


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