Breath of Life Receives $10,000 Gift From Legendary Bible Instructor

Breath of Life Receives $10,000 Gift From Legendary Bible Instructor

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Mildred P. Johnson, legendary Bible instructor, recently donated $10,000 to the Breath of Life (BOL) Television Broadcast.

BOL staff site Johnson’s passion and longstanding commitment to evangelism and spreading the good news of the gospel as motivation behind the monetary gift. With this donation, Johnson continues to positively influence the work of evangelism after 42 years of active religious education service that resulted in countless numbers of baptisms.
Johnson consistently watches the BOL telecast and is inspired by the program’s ability to reach people with the gospel message. She plans to continue her support of this ministry. 

Pictured left to right – Washington Johnson, II, Washington Johnson, III, Joyce Johnson, Mildred Johnson, Danielle Byrd, and Carlton P. Byrd
Photo by Ocie Maddox

In response to this magnanimous donation, Pastor Carlton P. Byrd, current BOL speaker/director, said, “Praise God for this wonderful gift to Breath of Life, and praise God for Dr. Mildred Johnson and her sacrificial spirit! In an economic environment of escalating television broadcast costs, this gift will enable Breath of Life to continually spread the gospel globally.”
As a longstanding Bible instructor in the South Central Conference and around the world, Johnson served with noted evangelists C.E. Bradford, E.E. Cleveland, C.D. Brooks, H.M.S. Richards Sr., C.B. Rock, and many others, teaching thousands about the love of Jesus and His saving grace. And Johnson’s influence in West Africa resulted in a school bearing her name.
Although she began her professional career as a nurse, Johnson was inspired with a burning desire to share the gospel with her neighbors — and later the entire community. After all, someone in the community had graciously shared the gospel with Johnson and her late husband, Washington Johnson, Sr., during the 1950s. This life-changing experience has been far-reaching with many opportunities to teach, train, and even see some converts become pastors, including her own son, Washington Johnson, II.
BOL staff suggest that Johnson broke the glass ceiling in evangelism during a time when women were not as active in such roles. This was particularly evident with her singular female role during the initiation of the Evangelism Council at Oakwood University (currently referred to as the Pastoral, Evangelism, and Leadership Council, or PELC), where she facilitated all of the Bible Instructor seminars. Johnson recently shared that her evangelistic work will not be completed until Jesus returns, and that she will live by the Gospel Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 all the days of her life.

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